Sekolah Pendidikan Khas Cerebral Palsy Johor

The following programs are provided at our Special School:

Pre-School / Early Intervention Program (EIP)
From Ages 5-6
Children are enrolled in Pre-school / EIP for two years. The programme includes learning and social interaction through play and regular therapy sessions. Upon completion of Pre-School, streaming is carried out based on Individual Education Plan (IEP) for children who are academically inclined to Mainstream Education (KSSR) and Special Education Curriculum for others.

Mainstream Curriculum (KSSR) Program
From Ages 7-12
The KSSR program for mainstream school is implemented for children who are academically inclined to prepare them for the UPSR examination. Upon passing the UPSR examination the children are enrolled for Mainstream Secondary schools or Vocational School education. There will be regular follow ups by our Association to ensure a smooth transition for our graduates.

Special Education Curriculum Program
From Ages 7-15
The Special Education program is tailored to the individual child’s abilities and needs with emphasis on functional skills besides academic subjects and ongoing therapeutic intervention. Upon completion they will attend vocational training classes at the Association.

Vocational Training
From Ages 16-18
The vocational program is an individual skills training program based on assessment and development of functional abilities as well as social and independent living skills training. The program prepares the teenagers for employment either at our workshop, in the open market or further Vocational Training at the Government Special Vocational School. Here too, our Vocational team ensures a smooth transition with regular follow-up sessions.


Participation in co-curricular activities such as Sports, Scouts, Girl Guides and Hobby Clubs are encouraged. Children who excel in sports are identified and trained to participate at District and National Special Sports events. A Boccia team is one of the biggest sporting team events for persons with Cerebral Palsy and training is held on a regular basis.

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